The Official Bas Rutten – O2 TRAINER

//The Official Bas Rutten – O2 TRAINER

The Official Bas Rutten – O2 TRAINER


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Find the Warrior Spirit Inside Of You!

Athletes and performers that depend on their lungs should be working out with Bas Rutten’s O2 Trainer to increase endurance, stamina and performance!


Engineered to increase inspiratory (inhalation) muscle endurance, the O2 Trainer is lightweight and designed to be used while performing nearly any exercise or activity. Whether you’re running, weight lifting, or rock climbing, the O2 Trainer will train your lungs and body to perform at high levels with less oxygen, and teach them to maximize every breath.


Change the intensity of the O2 by increasing or decreasing the restriction of airflow with the screen inserts provided. Start with the 13mm screen and as endurance increases, decrease the size of the insert – it’s that easy! There are four additional screen inserts that can be used while at rest. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down, you can still exercise your lungs and diaphragm, with the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer.

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

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156 reviews for The Official Bas Rutten – O2 TRAINER

  1. Wynand van den Boom

    I have been a serious athlete all my life. My training has taken me from Dutch Junior champion through the college D1 SEC ranks and s brief professional career. I wish I had this training device during my playing days. It has increased my ability to breath during heavy interval hill sprints as well as during sparring sessions. Get it!

  2. Gerhard Gassner

    I have one it make so sense Ja it really help if you do use it

  3. Chad

    Since using my o2Trainer from it’s release, I can honestly say it does improve your breathing & helps with your training. I personally bought it to help me train for police PT test’s, as I was not a running or climbing type person. After training with it every time I do train, I notice the extra air my lungs can now receive. I breathe easier, train harder, run faster & enjoy being more alert and aware due to the extra oxygen in my body. Thank You Bas Rutten for such an amazing product.

  4. Rick Robie

    I have had the o2 Trainer for a couple of years now. Since starting to use the Trainer I have seen improvements in stamina. I have done Martial Arts for 13 years and I have used the trainer in running and biking to keep up my breathing which translates perfectly in the Martial arts. Great product for the price.

  5. Mike Catalano

    I have been using the O2 trainer as part of my heavy bag workout for almost 2 years. The trainer has definitely helped with improving endurance and lung capacity. It takes a little getting used to at first, but after several uses it becomes second nature. Through its use, it has helped me improve breathing techniques and helped me with my breathing while sparring.

  6. Frank

    My girlfriend and I got Bas Rutten’s O2 Trainers to help us prepare for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Having no experience with any kind of O2 training, I didn’t have any real expectations. My hope was that any improvement would be helpful.

    As I began using the trainer, I noticed that my breathing quickly adjusted to whatever filter I used. In the weeks shortly before climbing Kili, I was even using the trainer during my more intense exercises.

    The real payoff was the summit day of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was the most difficult hike I had ever done, but not once did I ever feel the symptoms of altitude sickness. My breathing was fine and I felt good (exhausted but good).

    I liked the product so much, that I wrote a blog review of it for our readers at

    It is a great product and helped us reach our goal!


  7. Tarri haina

    I have used both the O2 trainer and the elevation mask although the elevation mask cost more the O2 trainer holds up much better over time and offers a better variation of training and also comes with a nice case to help you keep up with it. I give the O2trainer 5 stars and the elevation mask 3. Both are good but Price Durability and options you have to go with the O2trainer

  8. Angel Hicks

    I purchased the O2 trainer for my fiance. He quit smoking and started working out religiously. He is also a huge fan of Bas! He absolutely loves his O2 trainer and says it has really helped him build up his lung strength. It’s been greatly beneficial for not only his health and work outs, but also for his vocals (he is the front man for Wolf Among Sheep). Thank you, Bas, for providing such a wonderful product!

  9. LAZer327

    It is a great addition to taking your conditioning to the next level without break the bank. No matter what level you are trying to get to, the O2 Trainer delivers. Even if I am inactive for a bit, I’ll use the O2 Trainer during my conditioning workouts & I’ll feel confident when getting the work done in the gym & on the mats. It is truly legit, or else Bas would not want his name behind it.

  10. Patrick D.

    I have used my O2 Trainer for almost two years now, and I have been presently surprised with the results. The product helps you focus on breathing during exercise and increases lung capacity. Outside of competitive swimming, I have not encountered anything similar. I also feel that it has helped with my aerobic and anaerobic stamina. It is a quality made product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a training advantage.

  11. Marco

    Did a lot of research before buying mine. This product is very easy to use and cleaning is super easy! You wouldn’t realize the difference it makes until you try it. I still remember the first time I used it during a spin class that I couldn’t finish the class with it. Now I’m able finish class using it on more restrictive air flow levels.

    Love the looks on people’s face when they see me using it.

  12. Courtney Weger

    The O2 Trainer is great, the increase in stamina is only one of many rewards of using the product. Recovery time is much faster and overall conditioning is greater. Less is more and the O2 Trainer is a must for any aspiring athlete on any level…A+

  13. Richard Lane

    I’ve been using the o2 trainer for a couple years, and if you want fast guaranteed results, the 02 trainer will deliver. It doesn’t matter what level you’re starting at, if you’re a beginner or a professional, this product will challenge you. I highly recommend this product.

  14. Zach Brinkman

    I’ve had my O2 trainer for over three years. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s helped my lung capacity immensely in preparing for 4 Tough Mudders. I use the O2 trainer in combination with Bas’ Boxing and Mauy Thai workouts 2-3x per week and notice that it dramatically reduces my recovery time with respect to catching my breath. Very versatile tool that produces incredible results.

  15. David Boyko

    I use the O2 trainer twice a week for my sprints. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it has improved my cardio immensely. This product is no joke and it kicks ass! It has helped improve my fight game, surfing, and my overall health! Get yours now if you don’t have it already!

  16. Heath Breckenridge

    Well it’s been over two years that I have been using the o2 trainer. I use it about 3-4 times a week during weightlifting & cardio. I just turned 40 in September, & I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life, partly due to the trainer. I have referred this to a buddy who has asthma, within a few months of using the trainer, he barely uses his inhaler that he couldn’t leave home without. My endurance and just overall well being is better since purchasing the o2 trainer. I’ve been a Bas fan since the early days of pancrase and just want to say “thanks” for making such a great product & Sharing this with the world. #Legend !!

  17. Richard Gonzales aka box

    Honestly the best product i have ever bought. I started by doing the shadow box routines with it and ended up running with it all the time. After about 2 or 3 weeks and moving up the resistance on it you literally dont get tired when you dont have it on. My Stamina is ridiculous now, when I workout with friends they cant keep up anymore. For about 50 bux you cant go wrong. And if you ever had bronchitis this helps. I grew up with having it and wish i had this when i had it. The higher levels of resistance act the same way as those lung strengtheners exercises they make you do. If you really want to up your workout game or have trouble with your breathing this helps out alot. Thanks bas!

  18. David

    The gear Bad sponsors doesn’t get any better. At first I didn’t think stuff like this worked or was even necessarynecessary, but now I’m using this all the time during strength and conditioning training, running,etc. It helps maintain the proper breathing pattern and keeps your lungs full of oxygen to keep your body moving like you barely started training for the day. Great product . I’ll buy again eventually.

  19. Joshua Overley

    I am a singer and I bought the O2 Trainer to supplement my performance and see what kind of development would occur with regular use. I used the heavy resistance caps (11-14) and did breathing exercises about 5 times a week. I slowly worked up in resistance each week, and after a few weeks was already feeling much stronger. I am able to sustain pitch longer due to increased lung capacity and actually I’ve actually increased pitch range and vibrato due to increased diaphragm strength and the proper posturing practice during regular O2 Trainer breathing exercises.

    I am also student of strength and conditioning, and with regular use of the O2 Trainer performing aforementioned breathing exercises I have seen my intense workouts (30-40mins) become easier and I am recovering faster in the short rest between sets. My running sprints became faster as well, and I am able to maintain a higher level of performance throughout the track workout.

    I really enjoy the daily practice of deep breathing for its therapeutic qualities, and am always happier overall when I keep my practice regular with the O2 Trainer. I highly recommend this product to all who would require optimized use of the lungs… And as humans we all need our lungs to breathe, so hey that’s everybody!

  20. Elliot

    I tend to breathe very shallow breaths, and while this can be useful for energy conservation, it can be a bad habit in the long run because sometimes you forget how to take big powerful breaths. This little tool enables you to take large, full breaths, probably like you’ve never done before. Even if you don’t use it during a workout (which is it’s primary use), just using it before a workout or even anything which requires a lot of energy will improve your physical and mental performance immensely. It reminds me of the Rickson Gracie breathing techniques. Not only that, but it trains your lungs to naturally be able to take bigger breaths and pump more precious oxygen to your body during competition. It does exactly what it says, and I know several world champion fighters who use it. 5 stars.

  21. Josef Harris

    This has helped my fitness to no end 10/10 would recommend very sturdy and adaptable to all fitness levels.

  22. joseph kanitz (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the o2 trainer. After using it for the past month my endurance HAS BEEN INSANE for muay thai. I can throw combos all day on the punching bag and do pad work fast and non exhausting. Running with it is very beneficial with the o2 because it speeds up your time to gain endurance in such a short period of time. UFC/MMA fighters, this is a must have!!! love it. Thanks Bas

  23. Brandon Ramirez

    I’ve had the O2 Trainer for over a year now, & Buying it was probably the best investment I could’ve done to better my athleticism. Running every day is good, but running with the O2 trainer pushes the limits! ( Especially when running stadiums) I was able to run faster, longer, & harder all thanks to the O2 trainer. Really has helped a lot in my everyday life / boxing. I used to train with the elevation mask, but honestly like this one more. It feels more natural to have than an actual mask. This truly works and will help you get to your goal, I definitely recommend!!

  24. Daniel webb

    Awesome product I’ve been using the o2 trainer for about two years now. I mainly use it to improve my cardio for bjj and man had it helped. I feel less winded after long rolls than i had in the past. I run with it a lot you might look a little crazy at first but boy does it pay off. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to step up their cadio game.

  25. Mike

    I bought the o2 trainer a couple years ago to help supplement training for a grappling tournament. It is a viable method for increasing cardio, particularly for sprints and intervals- activities that are seminal to martial arts competitions. These days I primarily use it during interval (H.I.I.T) training but I feel its benefit when I am doing other traditional forms of cardio, such as running, particularly during the colder months. I believe that it is a cost effective tool and definitely worth the purchase price.

  26. John

    I like this better than the 02 Masks that are out there in terms of safety. You aren’t re-breathing Co2 from rapid breathing. I love how you can use this product sitting down at home (obviously not in a car 😉 ) or while cranking out a hard workout. The only thing I would definitely say that tends to be a turn off, especially in a gym or at the dojo is when the saliva starts drooling out of the airway ports. If you guys can solve that, you are looking at a major improvement.

    In conclusion this device is worth every penny! I would buy another one if I needed to.

  27. Sean

    I’ve had the O2 Trainer for over a year now, & Buying it was probably the best investment I could’ve done to better my athleticism. Running every day is good, but running with the O2 trainer pushes the limits! ( Especially when running stadiums) I was able to run faster, longer, & harder all thanks to the O2 trainer. Really has helped a lot in my everyday life / boxing. I used to train with the elevation mask, but honestly like this one more. It feels more natural to have than an actual mask. This truly works and will help you get to your goal, I definitely recommend!!

  28. Victor Byrne

    This is better than the training mask in my honest opinion. I use the O2 trainer when I go for runs and when I do conditioning workouts and it has elevated my training to another level! I highly recommend it, plus it was invented by Bas Rutten! How could you not want to buy it? You will NOT regret making this purchase!

  29. Jared Johnson

    The O2 trainer is abso!utely amazing, and very easy to use. After just a few days use I noticed a change in my breathing and lung capacity. It’s much cheaper than an altitude and will produce the same, if not better results. I highly reccomend this for anyone wishing to improve lung capacity.

  30. james turnipseed

    i love the o2 trainer i bought this awhile ago to increase lung strength and love it the longevity of the o2 is amazing multiple sizes for air restriction i use it just for work outs weight lifting/cardio and alittle kickboxing i recently recommended it to my friend who wants to increase lung strength to become a fire fighter

  31. Rick sigala

    It is a little uncomfortable at first. A lot of drooling. Other than that, it works great. Endurance and running stamina definitely went up. Have recommended it to friends. Great product.

  32. Camden Carter

    I started using the O2 trainer a little over a year ago. I am a Krav Maga practitioner and I was looking for something that would help in building up my endurance. I came across the O2 trainer, done some research on it and decided to give it a try. I started off using it while just doing normal routines around the house, I would use it on my training days and when I would feel comfortable with my progress, I’d add a smaller hole. And now over a year later I cant’ believe how much its boosted my training and endurance. Just recently I went through my Level 4 test and after 4 1/2 I hit my second wind and was ready to keep right on trucking! The O2 is straight legit! I highly recommended this to anyone looking to take their training to the next level!

  33. Jesse hernandez

    I purchased the green O2 trainer last year and I used it for all my cardiovascular workouts. I honestly felt I could exercise for longer periods for time and with ease after a few weeks of use.use . I also feel it helped me control my breathing during intense workouts, whereas before I would be huffing and puffing.

  34. Michael Tucker

    As a long time asthma sufferer and athlete, taking inhalers and exhaustion from attacks became more than annoying and depressing. I read training at altitude may help with my issues, but living in the Philadelphia area; high altitude training wasn’t an option. When I read about El Guapo talking about the O2 trainer and how it helped him with his asthma related issues, I couldn’t dismiss the idea. So after having an asthma attach in the first round of my Muay Thai fight; I was onboard to give it a shot. During my last kickboxing camp, I began using the O2 and was more than impressed with the results. Every time I finished a session with the trainer, I felt like I could breathe in the ocean. I began using it not only for cardio during my training sessions, but for breathing exercises for everyday life and have been more than ecstatic with the results. It’s been approximately 3 years now and I have not had an asthma attack. I’ve even recommend this “miracle” to my fellow asthma sufferers at work. Hopefully they’ll have the same results as I enjoy. Thanks Bas! You’re the Man. God Speed.

  35. Al

    This thing is rough, working out with an o2 trainer, is not only good for your stamina, but it also helps your mental grit.

  36. Stephanie P.

    Like some of the other reviewers I also have asthma, and it would occasionally mess with my training. I started using the trainer while sitting at my computer or while doing random things around the house. Eventually I worked up to being able to lift and run with it, but again, even the very basic exercises worked great. I feel like the trainer has really helped with my aama because I seem to be taking my inhales less and less, and it feels less like I’m breathing battery acid during my workouts. My advice is to start slow, and stick with a daily program.

  37. Israel T.

    The O2 trainer definitely does what it says, but my favorite thing about it is its size. Because not only can you use it during your daily work outs, but you can take it to work with you for those lunch/break time walks. Or anywhere for that matter. So there’s really no excuse to not use it.

  38. kat

    Used to be a competitive athlete and decided to get back into shape. Being in my early forties, I figured anything that might speed up that process would be great. Im a longtime fan of Bas and his workout ‘tapes’ so I ordered the O2 Trainer. Watched the video that comes with it and was surprised to hear that it could be beneficial when used just sitting and doing breathing exercises, so I tried using it that way first. I noticed a difference after the first day – I felt like I was able to take more air in while running. I love that it’s easy to clean, and that there are so many different filter attachments to change the training intensity level — that makes it so you don’t ‘outgrow’ the device quickly. Great product — thanks Bas!

  39. Xavier Reed

    I bought this expecting to be able to keep it in my mouth all day, every day. I was planning on improving my stamina while sitting around (after working out, of course). Boy, was I wrong about being able to do that! This thing makes it difficult to breathe, and it’s freakin awesome. Your lungs will burn like never before. I use this while doing “rip:60” exercises with ankle and wrist weights and a weighted vest, and you do not get much more intense than that. Thank you, Bas!

  40. Denver Jewell

    My job requires us to submit to a yearly physical. Part of this physical is a Pulmonary Function Test to check for any potential harm to our lungs. I have always done exceedingly well on these, but a couple years ago my score dropped off slightly. I got an O2 Trainer and used it 3 times a week for a few months before my next physical. My numbers were back up to par. I attribute this to my usage of the O2 Trainer and have since incorporated it into my regular training regimen.

  41. Matt

    I bought this a year ago and love it! I was researching between this and the other face hugging mask type but decided after alot of reading to go with this one. Glad I did! I use it to do interval training on the bike at the gym and I feel great after.. it definitely makes you work hard but opens up the lungs good. Plus don’t have to worry about breaking out from a mask or the mask getting all stinky and funky. This one is simple to clean and sanitize. The only negative thing that I read in all the reviews of this was people complaining about too much saliva in their mouths and all over the mouthpiece. EASY Fix, simply when you feel alot of saliva building up, remove the mouthpiece swallow and re-insert. Problem solved. That’s how I figured out to deal with it. Have a towel as well. But this thing will push you! it you want to up your cardio and conditioning this thing is awesome.
    Could Bas be wrong? haha. Keep it in my gym bag all the time.

  42. Nate Cornett

    I have used the 02 trainer for over a year now and can say this works. It has helped improve both my breathing and endurance Using the trainer I can tell such a huge difference in my breathing. I was always skeptical about these type of products since I didn’t think anything could actually replicate altitude other than actual altitude but the 02 trainer does Well worth the money!!

  43. Carlos Vera

    I purchased an 02 Trainer in preparation for my first grappling tournament. I used the 02 Trainer frequently while training and even at rest and the results were great! It helped pushed my cardiovascular fitness to new heights. I definitely feel the difference in my breathing. My lungs feel stronger and I have a longer gas tank. I highly recommend the 02 Trainer to all athletes.

  44. Andrew Ho

    I used to have Asthma and bad cardio thresholds, I came across the O2 trainer.

    its a Y shaped apparatus with a draw and blow tunnel, on the draw tunnel there’s frame to switch screens, each screen has a different hole size the 10th one being the smallest, not only is this a safe way to simulate altitude training but it’s better, because you don’t recycle large amounts of carbon dioxide if you had used a gas mask type.

    Progressively as your lungs strengthen (mine did) I’m using the smallest hole screen available, my asthma is cured and my cardiovascular thresholds have increased greatly.

    It’s a great product, Thank you Bas!

  45. Neil C

    The best product to enhance your ability to the next level , you notice the difference when you use it , it helps 100 % with your breathing and will teach and control and exercise your lungs to a new level.. I worked out without the O2 trainer, and with it , you notice the difference , I wanted to test it so I worked out with it for 2 weeks and just kept on switching level of breathing intake than stopped.. I worked out with. our it for two weeks , you can tell the difference … O2 trainer is a great product and I highly recommend it … You will notice and be ahead of your competition… Not much money to spend for something that is going to do nothing but advance you ahead of the game… Godspeed… and Thanks Bas….

  46. wade nelson

    Product works great. It comes with enough sizes for the oxygen intake that you can reallly slowly work yourself up to higher difficulty. If you use it without the niseplug you can cheat yourself though. But 100% a good product for athletes especially combat combatants.

  47. Jake A

    The O2 trainer is a great product! I use it while lifting and also when I shadow box or hit the heavy bag. It’s amazing how quick you start to feel the affects of the O2 trainer when you use it for a while me then workout without it. Your endurance skyrockets and you feel like you can train forever!

  48. Jean Pierre Polite

    I purchased the O2 trainer 3 years ago and the results are magnificent, I can easily run a 5k, and that’s on a weekly basis when I want to run at the park which is about 6 miles long. My stamina and endurance has increased gradually, I notice I don’t get winded as much as I use to when doing a cardio exercise. This beats those so called oxygen mask that you see most guys wearing at the gym which looks silly in my opinion. I really enjoy this product for what it put me through and how hard it made me work for improvements on my fitness goals.

  49. A.B.

    This thing is awesome. Once you get used to running or training with it, it will improve your stamina and recovery time a great deal. I’ve used it mainly for cardio days and running and there’s a noticeable difference. The idea behind it is so simple; restrict air flow to increase lung capacity. And it works. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a someone who loves staying in shape, this thing is worth a try!

  50. don hanson

    What a great training aide. I am older and thought that I had taken my training to the top. The only way I could see results was by adding longer or more training sessions. That was until I started using the O2 trainer. Now I can keep my training sessions at the proper length but now get amazing results. Thanks, Bas

  51. Zach Mullins

    Being a fighter I use this product all of the time for bagwork and during my conditioning workouts. I feel that this product is genius in the fact that it doesn’t restrict the flow of air when you exhale. I believe that no matter what you do in life or in your fitness training the O2 Trainer can help take you to the next level.

  52. Tearle Buck

    As a brass player in a pep band and a performer on the biggest stage for marching music, we need to move a huge volume of air. I noticed that after working and doing breathing exercises with the O2 trainer, there was a significant difference in the quality of sound and the amount of air I could push through my horn. It had and still continues to have a positive impact on my playing. It is a wonderful tool and I am recommending it to anyone who can benefit.

  53. Lyle Kanoa

    I have been using the O2 trainer since it came out with great results. Lung capacity has increased and you can feel results usually within a week of using the O2 trainer. I have also use it especially during my heavy bag work classes and recommend that my fighters pick it up and it has definently made a huge difference in all of my fighters across the board and is a must tool at my gym.
    My opinion and suggestion is to use the guards starting with 1 and slowly move up based on your conditioning level and don’t go too fast too soon!
    Great product and mahalo Bas

  54. Patrick Kuik

    I purchased a O2 trainer not only to improve my stamina for Rugby and MMA, but i use it in the mountains aswell while training for Trailrunning and Survivalruns ! I have had some problems with astma since i was young, but now i implement the O2 trainer, in my training, my breathing and lung capacity has hugly improved ! For me this little device is awesome ! It not only has worked for me improving my stamina, but also helped me improving the condition of my lungs. I would buy this thing again without thinking.

  55. wade

    the O2 trainer is a great product to improve your conditioning. it may look funny, but it is lightweight and comfortable. its just like using a mouthpiece for football or having a snorkel in your mouth. the material is soft and comes with many different end caps with various size holes that limit the intake. i used it in my marathon training. its perfect for short and intermediate distance runs and cardio work. on long runs i found my jaw would get tired from having it in my mouth continuously for over 2 hours, but that is the only drawback. the O2 is an excellent tool for improvement, especially if using the “mask” is too extreme for you.

  56. Troy Rushton

    Have 2 of great!made a big difference in my cardio.these are way better then any training mask.

  57. Dervis

    I do Kickboxing and Sambo for about 2 – 3 years. I felt the effect of using the O2-Trainer gradually. My stamina and recovery increased and it became far easier to breathe, when I started to gas. I usually use it while lifting weights or after the martial arts classes. I recommend the O2 Trainer for every athlete, it really benefits your fitness and cardio.

  58. Martin McCloskey

    I purchased two, yes two O2 trainers approximately two years ago. It definitely helps your breathing. It makes you focus on your breathing and builds your lungs. I also purchased the Bas’ Boxing and MMA workouts as well which I must say are incredible. The only thing I wish is that the all the items would come with a DVD which would be a nice addition to the already fabulous instructions. One thing I like about the O2 trainer is that it is small and compact and you can take it with you just about anywhere. The O2 trainer also strengthens your jaw muscles. If you don’t like or can’t wear a mask then the O2 is the way to go.

  59. Joseph Hiebert

    Okay, so as Bas has said in his explanation of this product it is a unique design. The fact that it allows you to breath out normally, but breathe in with resistance is unique… however, I had already developed pretty strong lungs from breathing through choke holds so I stared on 14 out of 16 (higher numbers being smaller holes) and am now using the 16 with relative ease. That being said, it was great to have a more functional way to train my cardio portion besides having something tied around my neck or having to use my own hand to cup over my mouth and nose. The biggest problems that I had with it were; that it only took me about 2 months of on again off again training to max it out (1), that the nose piece didn’t work hardly at all (2), and the design caught a lot of saliva and didn’t do a very good job of keeping it in your mouth (3). And personally I find it easier to breathe out than in normally so for me to max out on breathing in so easily begs the question “Why do we need to breath out easily?” But, I am an instructor also and although I tackled it with ease many of my students have bad breathing habits and this helped to give them a bit of a handicap (and this is what I think it is good for… no breathing mask is going to give your body more oxygen, but if you can learn to breathe properly then you will have a lot more coming in and that is good). So overall, I think it is a great product for the breathing impaired but if you already have exceptional lung strength then I recommend you go with another mask that isn’t as messy and will tax you more.

    PS: And one more thing… don’t do what I did because what Bas says about starting low and taking it slow is important (otherwise you will end up straining your lungs and making them weaker instead of stronger). The only reason I did what I did is because I already knew that I had very very good breathing all around as a result of more than 20 years of mixed martial arts training (so follow what Bas says)…

    That’s it, have fun. 🙂

  60. Brian

    The 02 trainer is amazing. It is light, easy to use, and will take your training to the next level. I have seen other people using these masks when there training. They looked expensive and complicated. I was skeptical about the 02 but I new Bas would not put his name on something he didn’t truly believe in. I am so glad I got the 02 trainer. Just take it slow, and follow the recommendations.

  61. marc hood

    I have found the o2 trainer one of the best bits of equipment I have ever brought it really works! The effect is noticeable in a 24 hour period and the more you use it the better the recovery.
    I use the o2 mostly for thai boxing and mma training but have found it works well when using it when i go for a run or weight lifting, For me the only downside is the nose clip as i find it quite tight and after about 10 mins i have to remove it.
    I have recommended a few people try the o2 trainer and haven’t known anyone to be disappointed in the product at all.
    If you want to push your training to the next level this is the product for you I could write all day about the benefits I’ve found in using it.
    Start off slow take your time to build up the levels and be consistent then every couple of weeks try your workout without the trainer you will be amazed at how your recovery has improved.

    This product works buy it and try for yourself.

  62. D.J. Offenberger

    I absolutely love my O2 Trainer! I use it in all aspects of my training, whether it is running hill sprints, sparring, or lifting weights. It is very durable, easy to clean, and easy to use. I have had my 02 Trainer for almost 2 years now and it is one of the things that is always in my gym bag. It is easy to take anywhere and can make the most simplest of workouts even that more challenging. I sometimes keep mine in my office at work, and do sets of push-ups or squats while wearing it during my lunch break!

    I recommend this product to anyone who wants to either take their training to the next level, or simply increase their fitness in a shorter time frame.

  63. Torrey L.

    I admit at first I was skeptical about the product however; after one of my instructors at my Krav Maga dojo recommended the product to help with my cardio I figured what the hell. After 2 months of using the O2 trainer while running and doing the Bas Rutten Boxing CD my cardio improved dramatically. Started using it more while training at the dojo and when I took my next 2 brown belt test I breezed through more than 8 hours testing. Thank Mr. Rutten for this wonderful product.

  64. Dan Kronberger

    I use this when I really want to push my cardio fitness to a new level. For triathlon training I use it on the treadmill doing sprints and on the spin bike too. I sometimes use it if doing some circuit weights training. Its a good quality product and I’m very happy with it. My mates think I’m crazy because it looks pretty hard core so just that alone has been cool but this definitely makes you fitter and improves your breathing efficiency. I’ve learnt that I have been breathing wrong my whole time and that I must inhale through my mouth more!
    Great product and I’m a big fan- Cheers Bas!

  65. Nick Chack

    I use the O2 trainer when running and it certainly makes it a better workout. You force your lungs to work harder and you get better lung capacity as a result. Certainly takes some getting used to breathing only through the mouthpiece but you adjust and you start noticing results. I definitely recommend the product. Thanks Bas!

  66. Domenic I.

    I began using the O2 Trainer four years ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my training and well being. When I try to explain to people how it feels to use the Trainer, I always use the comparison of taking practice swings with a donut weight on a baseball bat and then taking swings without the weight. That’s the kind of power you build in your lungs and diaphragm whilst using the O2 Trainer. Originally I purchased it just for my trail runs throughout Cleveland, and then began integrating it into my weight training program and most recently have used it, to great success, during my DDPYoga sessions. It was easy to convince my friend, who does long distance running, of the benefits of the O2 Trainer vs the masks sold at major retailers. I am positive he will see the awesome results that I have seen and felt over the years. Thank you Bas for such a great product!

  67. Ken Bak

    I have used the O2 Trainer since it’s release and am quite impressed with it. I use it for Krav Maga and Law Enforcement training. It has improved my breathing and overall training.

  68. Sandra (verified owner)

    I purchased the O2 trainer to help out with my breathing in yoga and it has helped me and I have recommended it to my friends and family.
    I also notice a difference when Im running.I ll be using this for life:)
    Thanks !

  69. Avery and Elizabeth White (verified owner)

    We bought our O2 trainers about 2 months ago and so far they are great. We moved from New Orleans to Austin texas and there was a big difference in elevation. I honestly didn’t realize how much that affected me until I started having issues breathing. The O2 trainer has helped me regain my lung capacity. The only thing I have an issue (it’s a personal issue for me) is how the saliva collects. But other than that it works great!

  70. BEN NEILSON (verified owner)

    I just finished my first month of using the O2 Trainer and the results have been great. I progress through the first 5 levels quickly, but the next few have been tough! I play in an adult men’s basketball league that is very competitive, and I can already see an increase in stamina due to the stronger lungs. Such a simple, great product. Thanks Bas!!

  71. @3crownfitness (verified owner)

    Just finished a month of training… definitely can see results… simple, easy product. Basketball and boxing are my sports, you can see results for sure without having to look like an A hole in a training mask 🙂

  72. Shane Hellmrich (verified owner)

    I use the 02 trainer during my morning 20 min meditation and during my rounds of skipping. I train Muay Thai in Thailand and at 44 years old I’m looking to gain any extra edge I can. Results after a month of use, my recover in between rounds is a lot quicker and I’m able to finish the 5th round with more power than before. I would be happy to share my results after three months of use.

  73. Cristina

    Love the O2 Trainer, my only complaint would be the drool factor! It’s intimidating at first, but I love it!

  74. Toby Allen (verified owner)

    One of the best tools I have in my arsenal!!! Simple but effective, I use this every morning and have had amazing results! Definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone looking to improve cardiovascular fitness….

  75. Chris T. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the O2 Trainer everyday since I received and that difference in my HIIT performance has been easily noticeable. I also find the prescribed training protocol of belly breathing very relaxing, almost meditative. I highly recommend it.

  76. Evan Martens (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, durable and light weight. Unlike other products like this on the market, the O2 Trainer doesn’t provide and resistance on exhales. My only complaint is that the device often gets filled with spit when I use it for an extended workout. The product also only comes with one included workout, a few more would be nice.

  77. Nathan Herrington (verified owner)

    I love it, it’s a great product.

  78. Ryan (verified owner)

    Recently received the O2Trainer and I am extremely pleased with the product. First off, the product shipped and arrived at my door faster than I usually get a confirmation that I even ordered something from Amazon. The packaging is really neatly done and the layout of the box is pretty cool. Obviously you don’t buy this product for the packaging, but they still did a really good job to make it look professional. I tend to run between 3-5 miles on any given day and have been moving up a size every 7 days. I basically just trusted that it was doing it’s job for the last 3 weeks, and then I decided to take a late night run without it… I felt like I had an oxygen tank on my back – I am someone who consistently runs out of breath before my legs give out on a run. However this time it was my legs that needed the break. This is huge for me and I’m really happy I came across this product. I really don’t write reviews for anything but felt compelled for this. BUY THIS PRODUCT – even if you do not normally suffer from shortness of breath. It is a no lose situation. Training your lungs will only benefit your cardiovascular system and this product is second to none for that. Thanks Bas – you could have thrown your name on a crappy product and knew people would still buy it. But instead you decided to make something that is ahead of it’s time.

  79. michael fruge

    So far so good. I’m loving it.

  80. Joe

    Got the O2 trainer about a week ago and have been doing the breathing exercises with it twice a day to strengthen my diaphragm.
    I already feel much better during jujitsu practice. I can roll for 5-6 rounds now without getting winded. I love this product and can’t wait to see how much my stamina has improved once I hit the smallest setting. Highly recommend it to anyone training MMA/BJJ that gets gased quick and wants to improve their stamina but hates running/cardio like I do lol

  81. Stephen Bradley II

    This is a great product I have used it for a week and in that time I haven’t used my inhaler one time!!

  82. Zack Abusharif

    Its a good device, wish the mouthpeice was adjustable though.

  83. Hector

    Simply put its the best piece of equipment on the market in regards to building endurance. I was thinking of buying the elevation mask but it was a bit too pricey. I’m glad I went with this instead, it’s not only cost efficient but it’s also durable. I can feel my abs tightening with each deep breath. I’m a very happy customer. Thanks Bas, God speed and party on!

  84. Larry L

    The O2 Trainer is extremely effective at making one aware of their lung capacity and just how much air they AREN’T taking in on a regular basis. Doing the stationary breathing exercises for the first time lights up all the deep core muscles you’ve spent your life being unaware of. It doesn’t take long to acclimate to the lower level filters but when you’ve reached your initial ceiling it is clear as day on how much you need to improve. As long as you don’t cheat yourself and half-ass the effort then you definitely will feel the difference. Breathing training is definitely overlooked & taken for granted by most and this product provides a convenient way to start habitually improving your athletic performance.

    The only downside is that there’s no spit trap (I can’t really see how they would’ve implemented one without messing up the air flow) so you will have to prepare for drool from the inhale/exhale caps during prolonged use. That means it’s only really ideal for certain kinds of exercise like jump rope, sprints, treadmill, cycling/stationary bike, some circuit training movements, etc. It’s not great for the heavy bag, shadowboxing or sparring because saliva will get all over the place from the rapid exhalation during striking. Either way keep a towel on hand as you get used to it. It’s not difficult to find what works with the O2 Trainer in your routine once you’re used to it.

  85. Kal

    Fantastic Device! I purchased this due to my exercise-induced Asthma. I’ve already felt a significant change within a week. I am able to go through entire sessions without my asthma acting up. I also find it less necessary to use my daily morning inhaler. It is surprisingly very easy to use and very easy to clean. It came in a professional and nice packaging that makes it easy to travel with. It also came with an awesome self-defense video! Thanks Bas, you’re the Bast.

  86. Alex

    Honestly, I was skeptical of this product, but decided to give it a shot after reading so many great reviews on various sites. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. If you’re willing to put the work in, this product will show you results sooner than you think, you just have to put up with some extra saliva now and again. Love this product

  87. Blake Marken

    I have asthma and was in search of something to help increase my lung capacity so I don’t have to rely on rescue inhalers as often as I do. This is my first week using the O2 trainer so I don’t know if it will cute my asthma but I am hopeful. I am starting with deep breaths in a rest position. Don’t want to over work my lungs and cause them to collapse! First impression of the trainer is that it is a good quality piece of equipment that I will continue to use. The only downfall is that the mouth piece does not fit my teeth that well, I have to hold it to my mouth with my hand or use my lips to hold on to it. The part where you put your teeth is shallow. I have straight teeth so my teeth are not the issue. Other than that, great purchase!

  88. fred simon

    I just received my O2 Trainer last week. The packaging and product is first class! I already see the difference when using it in my workout. Im excited to see my future results. I hope one day to meet Bas, he is an inspiration to all. Thank you, Fred

  89. Pierre

    First the box in which the product was put showed great quality and I can safely take it in luggage as it is solid. Then the product on itself, showed a great quality in the materials used, also the design of the product allows for an easy and intuitive swap between caps so you don’t have to bother for hours to figure how it works!
    I would need to test it more now to see the effects it has on my lungs, but so far I’m very happy.

  90. Tim

    The O2 trainer is the real deal. Perfect way to increase cardio when cruising down the road.

  91. David (verified owner)

    After playing soccer all my life I have recently got into weight training in an attempt to put on size. Finding it difficult, I began to limit my cardio exercise in an attempt to conserve muscle mass. Initially this caused fitness issues for soccer and I was on the verge of giving up and accepting that I (personally) can’t have both size and maintain a high level of fitness. I then watched Bas on an episode of the JRE podcast discussing the O2 trainer and my curiosity was peaked. Shipping to Australia was fast and I was immediately impressed by the quality of the product. Moreso however, I have been blown away by the results. Using the O2 trainer I can get the maximum cardiovascular workout with the minimum amount of calorie expenditure. This has allowed me to be far more efficient in my exercising and I have been steadily putting on size while my fitness has actually been increasing, despite the reduced exercise time. Amazing! I feel like it was designed for me. It’s changing my life.

  92. Omar (verified owner)

    Used to have bad asthma, as well as allergies. After about a month of using the 02, most of my symptoms have vanished. Not to mention, my wind during BJJ sessions is seemingly endless! One of the best purchases I have ever made, and I recommend it to anyone who has ever suffered from the same afflictions, or wants to work on having that endless grappling gas tank!

  93. Celina (verified owner)

    The diffrent easy to change settings make things so easy where ever im deciding do work out and the carrying case is super efficient.

  94. Jeremy Rocha (verified owner)

    This product has made a big difference in my training. It is simple to use and not uncomfortable to use at all. I have been working on conditining preparing to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. In just a few weeks i have felt a dramatic difference in my stamina. I an doing cadio and HIIT workouts. Its amazing how much of a differene there is between a workout proir to using the O2 trainer. I will be recommending this product to friends and family.

  95. Charles Tilson

    I have been training as an athlete and martial artist for 11 years now. My weakest facet of my fitness has always been my cardiovascular conditioning.

    I have been using the 02 trainer for 3 weeks now and have already noticed an improvement in my gas tank when it comes to my lifts and regular workout routine. I’m looking forward to continuing my resistance levels on the device until I reach the max and carry the results with me when I return to the ring!

  96. James (verified owner)

    The O2 trainer has changed the way I grapple, my cardio has increased in the few months I have used this device I can now push a much higher pace that my opponents struggle to match. This is definitely no gimmick it really gives you results!

  97. Michael (verified owner)

    I’ve had the O2 Trainer for a few months now and I’m blown away with how well it works. Prior to, I’d been using the Training Mask, which wasn’t bad – the velcro wears out after having to wash it from excessive sweat then doesn’t hang on your face as well. But with the O2 Trainer, I can use it when I’m driving, on the treadmill or hitting the bag. I’ve felt my cardio improve dramatically in the short time I’ve had it. Follow the directions and be ready for your workouts to go to a whole new level! Good luck all!

  98. joshua carpentier (verified owner)

    Is great and easy to clean

  99. joshua carpentier (verified owner)

    awesome evencomes with a nose clip

  100. joshua carpentier (verified owner)

    great product easy to clean

  101. joshua carpentier (verified owner)

    awesome product at first i slobbered like a dog but after a few weeks i started to slobber like a regular, but seriously only a little spit a first but still a great product

  102. Eric Serrano

    No lies here, no gimmicks, the O2 Trainer WORKS! I even think that they can promote some more benefits to the O2 than they do, like how it helps enhance mood and relieves tension from the shoulder blade area if you hold a lot of tension there. That’s been my experience. I use it 5-6 days a week for my workouts but even use it on off days because I just feel like it helps my body out. Just pop it in while you watch TV or are walking around the house, even for just a few minutes, and you’ll notice how used your diaphragm gets to breathing the right way. I didn’t use it to build towards working out without it and seeing the results, I just like the execution I get on each move when I have it in, it helps you get the best out of all of your reps. There are also so many adjustments that it works for people at all levels. I seriously don’t have a bad thing to same about this device, it’s helped be big time in my day to day.

  103. Roman

    Ok Im 26 and a huge fan of Bas Rutten!!! I would love to meet him one day! but Ive always been extremely active. I get bored allot so I go out and run hills lol or lift weights. But conditioning use to be a strength of mine, but now not so much. Gasping in my normal day when Im sitting at the table began to cause me some trouble, I couldn’t ever catch my breath no matter how hard I try and I was just sitting there! Which makes no sense cuz I train cross fit at least 4X a week. WHY was I having so much trouble breathing when I’m active and my grandparents weren’t active and they could breath better than ever!?? Then EVERYTHING changed when I found the O2 Trainer!

    Ive been using the O2 Trainer for a few months now. Im up to the 5millimeter screen! I Love the fact I have more lung capacity during the average day! I can catch my breath using 1/4 the lung effort i use to use! I feel Much stronger and much more healthy! I use to gasp for air randomly throughout the days and my grandma and aunt were worried that I might have asthma but now they say “HEY! i noticed you’re not gasping anymore!” So honestly this is my favorite training device! I feel like its my secret weapon which gives me an edge on my competition! The quality is very god and easy to clean, set up(one of my fav parts), take with you, and I really like the army style green!

    The ONLY down sides to it is:
    -sometimes after 30-45 mins my jaw starts to hurt, a little discomfort really.
    -After being used for 20 mins spit starts to fly out of the side and run out lol maybe a drain hole could be made on it? or where spit won’t get in there? lol
    -And your throat gets a lil dry. But hey its all worth it in my opinion!!

    Honesty anyone who has trouble breathing in their day to day life would GREATLY benefit from the O2 Trainer. I do want to talk about it to everyone but I do also want to keep this to myself so that I have the upper had 😉 lol

  104. Bart

    I haven’t tried any other similar products. I can speak to the effectiveness of this product. The packaging and storage of the device is very nice. Swapping any of the provided components is super easy and the product appears to be very durable. There are also nose clips included so you can force the breathing to only happen via the device itself.

    I started using it for calesthenics and doing shadow boxing. After a few weeks, I definately notice a marked improvement. I can exercise longer and at a higher pace without gassing out as easily. As you progress to the pieces with the smaller and smaller intake holes, you notice how much harder it becomes. I would definately recommend the o2 trainer to others.

  105. William Bussey

    Since I got the O2 trainer it’s improved my cardio amazingly

  106. Sunny Wright

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 235 and I’ve been running in the late afternoon. My VO2 max has always bounced between 32 and 33. My doctor has diagnosed me with exercise induced Asthma. After using the O2 trainer the first few times I could feel that my lungs were tired just like going to the gym and working other muscle groups I could feel my lungs being worked. I have just taken it easy. I began by using the O2 trainer without the nose clip. As I’ve gotten used to that I added the nose clip and eased up the numbers in difficulty. After my last run I looked at my VO2 max and it was a 34! I’m excited for the future with my O2 Trainer. Thank you!

  107. Daniel Crowley

    Packaging is top notch, product is really easy to use. Video’s on how to use are extremely helpful and I can feel the difference in my lungs already!

  108. Donovan (verified owner)

    This thing works I use it in the sauna after workouts and I’ve noticed improvement with my breathing technique has helped me hit the heavy bag even longer now.

  109. Mat (verified owner)

    Only used a handful of times so far during workout but noticed huge difference once repeating exercise without the o2 trainer. Feels like you have so much more breath and makes the exercise seem easier. I hope the o2 trainer will continue to help and one day cure or put at bay my asthma.

  110. David Jimenez (verified owner)

    The 02 trainer is a awesome product,it gets my lungs working and my workouts more intense. This product should be own by everyone that likes to exercise, Awesome

  111. D (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the O2 trainer for a couple of weeks now in my usual workouts and it definitely boosts the difficulty level , it shows like it will bring bring great results down the line

  112. Austin (verified owner)

    I bought two of the O2 Trainers when I heard about it on The Church of What’s Happening Now podcast with Joey and Bas and when I heard Bas talk about how it cured his asthma, I figured I’d give it a shot. I decided to buy one for myself to try for training and also to see if it could better my breathing. But the main reason I bought it, was for my little sister who has asthma who needs a new inhaler once a month, she’s been using the 02 Trainer now for about a month doing the exercises that the instructions suggest and we took her off her inhaler and substituting her daily inhaler intake with instead doing the exercises suggested by the 02 Trainer and she has been doing well. Hopefully the 02 Trainer will do for my sister as it did for Bas. The only cons I can think of is it does make your jaw fatigued from biting down to keep it in your mouth and all the excess saliva but other than that it is definitely worth the money just for the breathing exercises to improve your breathing or asthma as far as I can see.

  113. Cody (verified owner)

    Love the O2 trainer, use it every single day helps build cardio no matter the activity you choose to do best thing on the market I’ve tried. I would highly recommend this from the hardcore athletes to the people who are just starting it really does improve your stamina can’t say enough good things about it.

  114. Nate martinez (verified owner)

    This product is the real deal I’ve struggled with asthma my whole life and this is really improving my lung strength to catch my breath

  115. Paul Lee

    You start noticing a difference within the first week. Now 6 weeks later my breathing is great and my muscles get tired long before my respiratory system while sparring. I love this device.

  116. Kevin Bachman

    I’ve been using the o2 trainer for the last month, I can honestly say I see a slight improvement in my breathing and overall stamina during my workouts and training especially under higher intensity cardio sessions. The only thing I found to be a little hard to get used to during training is the fit of the mouth piece, it takes some getting used to but overall I’m happy with the product.

  117. Jorge Ochoa (verified owner)

    Love the o2 trainer. I bought 2! One for me and one for my wife and we can notice the increase in our endurance after training with it for a couple of weeks! Am definitely recommending to friends and family that I haven’t already told about. Love the feeling of being able to run longer with the correct breathing techniques we have picked up from using the o2! THANKS BAS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!

  118. Seth B (verified owner)

    So to start off it was a little bit of a bumpy ride to get the post office to deliver me my 02 Trainer. After about 2 weeks of stress and annoyance it was finally delivered.

    As crazy as it sounds it was totally worth it! I originally wanted the O2 Trainer to help me with my high level hiking and solo camping trips. My hopes were to build up better lung and cardio strength; so that I can reach the next level. Well, I always thought that I had good cardio however, I realized that I was only a beginner. After 2 weeks of multiple daily uses I’m noticing that stair running and many of my usual cardio workouts are not as difficult as usual.

    With use of this product and a few other changes I’ve already lost over 15 pounds and I’m feeling great. Without a doubt, El Guapo’s claims are true about the benefits of this product. Thank you to the 02 Trainer!! I’m excited for this year’s trips and see how much I’ve improved on the trails.

  119. Nicholas Jakic (verified owner)

    The O2 trainer was a great purchase in my honest opinion. I enjoy the basic breathing exercises and also working out with it. It’s simple to use and very accommodating to different types of users who have certain lung capacities. I recommend this for anyone trying to enhance their endurance and lung strength,While also adding to their workout!

  120. Ryan Briggs

    I love the O2 trainer, It for sure boosted my endurance and really strengthened my core, I have some extra little muscles popping up all around my core. Mostly I just love the control I have over my breath. I do rounds of kick boxing with it, It is brutal but if I do rounds without it, I keep power in my strikes late in the workout and pour on the volume. 5 stars for the device and for Basito, one of my most favorite people ever. I even got the retweet from Bas of me using the trainer, really made my day.

  121. Dave Bena (verified owner)

    The O2 Trainer is remarkable. I’m not a pro athlete or a gym warrior. I work out 3-4 times a week but I have suffered from asthma since childhood. After hearing Bas Rutten on The Joe Rogan Experience, I decided to try the O2 Trainer as a means to strengthen my lungs and stop using my emergency inhaler. It works!

    I bought my O2 Trainer in January and dedicated at least 30 minutes a day for two months – and I don’t even use it at the gym. I set a timer on my iPhone and use it at home, watching my favorite shows or during my work commute in the car! For non-athletes, you don’t need to use it at the gym to gain the benefits.

    Since beginning the O2 trainer, I haven’t used my inhaler in over two months and I still work out. And, as an asthmatic, I had the true lung test when I recently got a cold and my lungs were really congested. I thought for sure that I would need my inhaler to breathe but I didn’t need it! I kept using my O2 Trainer to relieve my congestion because I had noticed that my lung capacity and strength had increased.

    Because of the amazing results and knowing the ailments of having life-long asthma, I have even recommended the O2 trainer to my friend’s son who has recently been diagnosed with asthma. When I was first diagnosed as a child, my pulmonologist recommended that I breathe into a paper bag to try to strengthen my lungs. That was an old, antiquated method… The O2 Trainer is the new technology that will help athletes and non-athletes alike increase and strengthen lung capacity.

  122. Thomas Nguyen (verified owner)

    Great product and lots of levels so it’s great for those of all fitness levels. I usually love using it prior and after my workout just the breathing techniques and it does wonders! My lung capacity has increased and honestly it’s caused me to pick up a couple of other good habits too! I actually suffer from asthma and had to go to an allergy specialist to get shots weekly. Ever since this purchased I’ve noticed I don’t really need the shots anymore.

  123. Jon Wallace (verified owner)

    I have used the O2 trainer for a few weeks and it has helped my endurance to some degree. However, I am not happy with the design because it doesn’t allow for easy swallowing and by only breathing through my mouth, my gets dry or too much saliva. I find that I need to take it out of my mouth at least 5 times to simply swallow during a 30 minute workout. Additionally, the nose plug doesn’t work well for my nose.

    For someone like me, an average fitness guy trying for the next level, I don’t think the O2 trainer is the right choice. I am going to try the mask next.

  124. Everett N. (verified owner)

    I purchased the O2 Trainer about a month or two ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Unlike the altitude masks you can really adjust the resistance with the varying aperture settings and for cyclists you can take it off mid ride to breathe, manipulate, drink, or eat and then replace it without stopping. This would allow a higher caliber athlete to use the higher numbered pieces (or closer to them depending on the subject) in a situation like cycling on a highway or climbing on a rock face and not have to worry about something going wrong and not being able to take off a device like the masks quickly. I am not a fan of something being attached to my face that is a breathing regulator because you might want to remove it to spit (which is just part of the regular usage) at some point in time or to take a break if you need it. Generally, a beginner should follow the instructions and start at the appropriate point and slowly build up resistance in the lungs before progressing to avoid straining the lungs but there are individuals whom can endure these advanced settings because their athletic abilities are higher than the average person. This product is advantageous for whatever your skill set or aptitude.

    For hiking I use a setting that allows more air intake but I scale it down when I am doing core workouts and stretching. I use a third setting for the breathing exercises which is really the first indicator of how effective this device can be for someone. I would recommend using a plastic cup to coincide with the O2 trainer if you are in a gym just so you can clear out the device from saliva without having to leave the area. Not too many people are going to just jump right into using this so if you take out of the box the first day and attempt the breathing exercise you are on your way to a great start. I try to do the breathing exercises before my workouts to open up the airways and really warm up the chest expansion motions. This also mentally prepares me for whatever activity or movement I am doing as breathing hard and exerting yourself is apart of the process. Instead of having to warm up through different motions and feel sluggish I do these breathing exercises and by the time I start my workout I will be using proper technique from the onset solidifying my engagement to whatever I am interfacing with.

    While this device does not provide you with any additional oxygen you do get an invigorating feeling if you leave the trainer in your mouth after the breathing exercises until my heart rate and breathing resume normal tempo; I do find when my breathing resumes I feel more focused and energized as my body is consuming the additional oxygen coming inward. It is with this reason I try an not train with this device before I fall asleep that oxygen will give you a second wind. I am now trying my breathing exercises with half the intervals being done normally and the other half conducted while i am lying on my chest so that it helps simulate a more accurate inhalation from paddling on a surfboard. Surfing made me realize the range of motion that is used while inhaling and that most people have an altered inhalation because of this. Its not to say it is more or less difficult, just different. Some people might find this adds resistance while others might not feel anything, it just depends on the individual so be open minded to this new experience. It is just another example of how differing individuals can scale this product to fit their particular needs without having to make an additional equipment purchases to facilitate them.

    I couldn’t recommend this device enough to people to increase their stamina and lung capacity. Bottom line is it just works. You can hype a product all you want but if it works from the first usage onward you know it is legit. There are a multitude of options to choose from in terms of resistance so it is really all up to you to decide how in depth you want go. Think of how sedentary most of us are even if we are athletic. There are points in the day in which we are transitioning from one activity or location to another and we have to engage our time and attention with those constant changes. This device can allow you to train a critical portion of your body all while never having to leave your seat. I wouldn’t recommend any short cuts to hard work and dedication with in the realm of athleticism but this product will allow you to utilize your time within the day to work on your cardio without having to be running, on an elliptical, riding a bike, or putting in work swimming back and forth at a pool. This device will not supplant the benefits of those exercises (this product is essentially the greatest accessory to maximizing the internal efficiency of your cardiovascular system as well as your exertion output you would be doing with those activities) but it will allow you to keep working on your inspiratory breathing even while doing the banal aspects of life such as: housework, preparing and cooking your meals, or watching your favorite shows(only in the privacy of your own home please so theater goers don’t have to despise you). There are no detriments from the usage O2 trainer (if following the proper procedures recommended) only dividends to be yielded.

  125. Alan Rajkovic (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the O2 Trainer for quite some time now to help strengthen my lungs for various sports. I really think the O2 Trainer does a better job compared to other products in the market by inviting more control and discipline in how I have to approach strengthening my diaphragmatic breathing, resulting in stronger lungs and more breathing capacity. I plan to use this product for a long time.

  126. Brian Bowles (verified owner)

    I use the O2 trainer while doing kettlebell swings and calesthenic workouts: it has helped me increase my lung capacity, strengthen my diaphragm, and gain better control of my breathing in general. I see people wearing the full masks that don’t work all the time. People stop me in the gym and I rave about the efficicay of this product. I love Bas and the O2 trainer!

  127. Jakob Helgi Thordarson (verified owner)

    As a singer it most definitely helps build sustain and power in your voice. I first thought that training the inhale won’t improve the exhale but I was wrong.
    Correct breathing and control of your diaphragm is key to great singing and I realized after a few days of O2 Trainer use that I was really lacking in that department.

    Would have liked an extra exhale flap instead of the default biggest opening cap since that one is useless but for this price and the quality of product, it’s 100% worth it.

  128. Emil (verified owner)

    I bought the o2 trainer to help me get good cardio for grappling and just like in general. the o2 trainer is a great tool for someone to get in great shape, make your lungs strong as hell and your opponents will sufficate by your pressure that this device allows you to do. i use the o2 trainer when i run, and i have noticed already big differences in my cardio. i feel stronger now and i will keep on using it in all my cardiovascular training.

  129. Ryan Bolton (verified owner)

    So far so good after just a month of use. I can tell a difference in my breathing during and especially after use. I feel like the O2 Trainer is doing what it is supposed to do, strengthen my lungs and ability to breathe better. I recommend this product and will continue to use it during my workouts.

  130. Lono Leasure-Lucas (verified owner)

    My O2 Trainer has drastically improved my cardio vascular endurance. I noticed the improvement after just one week of use two times a day everyday and I continue to use it. I love my O2 trainer, i highly recommend it.

  131. Pedro (verified owner)

    The O2 trainer has significantly increased my cardiovascular endurance and as drastically decreased my recovery time. Great Product, highly recommend it!

  132. Napoleon Sanchez (verified owner)

    The O2 Trainer is exactly what I was looking for. Does not get in the way during exercise and is easy to clean and adjust. Godspeed and party on!

  133. borvest inkral

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  134. Andrew Peters (verified owner)

    I bought the O2 trainer to help my cardio. Using it during kettlebell workouts, biking and long distance runs. My lungs feel create and i feel more explosive! I’ve recommended the O2 trainer to all my friends! Thanks Bas!

  135. Lucas Baxter (verified owner)

    Have used it for at least 10 runs so far each one 3 miles and I immediately noticed the difference. While running with the mouthpiece every breathe I took was a good solid breath and at the point where I usually fatigue I was still feeling good and finished my run with energy left. It has instantly trained my breathing to be more beneficial and am very pleased with the purchase and have told everyone I know that works out that the O2 Trainer is essential.

  136. William (verified owner)

    I love mine so far. It’s easy to use but boy does it work those lungs! It takes a little bit of getting use to the materual. It reminds me of a mouth guard and it kind of makes me want to chew, but that passed quick. I currently use it at home after a long run and I can feel the difference

  137. Taras Ukrainian (verified owner)

    Awesome tool for SCUBA DIVING!improved my breathing and air consumption.
    Overall improvement in all athletic activities.

  138. Treana Mein Cowan (verified owner)

    I have crap cardio and struggle with asthma with exercise. I’ve been using this every day and I love it !! plus, it comes in a durable, organized case with instructions and it’s easy to use. I use it at home and on my way to MMA and Jujitsu class !! love, love it !

  139. Mounir Jabrane (verified owner)

    This is top of the line tool . I just love it and it really works .I am an athlete myself , kick boxing , runner , cross fit and I have to say my cardio got so much better . I also use it for deep breathing techniques for yoga and it really make a difference. Its definitely worth the price .

  140. Dominic Forbush (verified owner)

    This device is absolutely perfect for our submarine racing team (a small market, but still, we love it). Its essentially a sprint cycling race underwater, breathing through a scuba regulator. Even with a high performance regulator there is a substantial added inspiratory resistance that a high altitude mask or the like just can’t replicate. The O2 trainer makes training rides feel more like the real thing, and that makes a huge huge difference in anticipating and raising our in-water performance. This is big from a safety standpoint too since breathing pressurized gas underwater changes your physiological response, and this helps train pilots to recognize the difference between “good” lung stress and barotrauma. We have one for each of our pilots.

  141. Liam Robinson (verified owner)

    One of the best pieces of equipment I have ever bought. It has definetly worked in a number of ways but definetly with lung capacity. I could originaly hold my breath for 1min and after only 4 weeks of using the o2 trainer I could hold it for 1min 30secs. I saw great results very fast.

    Only downside is the saliva build up during workouts but this is managable and just takes a bit of getting used to.

    Overall, a very good product and it does exactly what Bas Rutten claims it does.

  142. Jacob Van Leeuwen (verified owner)

    Put my order in and got it on time. Using it I’ve definitely seen a difference. Slight problem with drool but not bad at all. Definitely recommend.

  143. Scott Holcomb (verified owner)

    Got a Green O2 trainer in April, It has positively increased my V02 max dramatically. I use it on 12 sitting at my desk at my day job and between 4 and 7 when I’m training Muay Thai or exercise. I was optimistically skeptical but I believed in Sensei Bas from his explanation on JRE of how it worked and helped him. If it worked half as well as it does work, it would still be worth it. It’s worth it to get that edge.

  144. Wade Bouts (verified owner)

    I have had the o2 trainer for about a month and its great. I got it because quit smoking a few months before and realized how weak my breathing was. I’m a big fan of Joe Rogans pod cast and seen a clip of Bos talking about the o2 trainer and decided to give it a try. I have seen a great improvement to my breathing. I found that using it to regulate my breathing before meditation has greatly helped as well.

  145. Josh (verified owner)

    Great product

  146. Doug (verified owner)

    I heard about the 02 trainer while listening to the Joe Rogan show with the Bas. After the show I went on line an purchased the o2 trainer. Once I received the 02 trainer I put it to the test or should I say it put me to the test. Its been 3-months and I can say at 59 years old I have increased my endurance and stamina. Its east to use once you understand it. Just put in your mouth and start punching and kicking the heavy bag. When your done hitting with the bag go over to your BAS (Body Action System) put the DVD in and workout with the master. Thank GOD the BAS wasn’t present because hitting the pause button is a lot easier when he’s not standing in front of you. The first month was rough but now I can feel the difference. This is a great product and I highly recommend. The o2 trainer helps older individuals get that extra air in the lungs. I guess I can say the co2 trainer can get you berthing like your in your 20s in no time. Thanks for a great product that works. A-1 A-1 A-1

  147. Richard Simmons (verified owner)

    I purchase the O2 trainer to help make my lungs more efficent. I was in a wreak and suffered broken ribs with a collapsed lung. On top of that, I have an absess in my other lung. Before the accident, I smoked for a decade before I was injured. I quit smoking and exercise regularly. I was watching LWC when Mr. Rutten cam on and talked. He mentioned he had products so I took a gander. I looked at the O2 trainer. Itcsounded like something that I could use to make my lungs more efficient. I am currently on the 3rd stage and I feel a difference in my ability to breath. I wear it at the gym to make my lungs better. It is a fine tool to have and I will continue to use it. I thank Mr. Rutten for the spectacular training aid he has provided for me. I wish you all the best and God bless.

  148. Jake O (verified owner)

    Been using it for 3 weeks and i already have noticed the difference! Planning on hiking with it soon to help me on my high elevation hunt this fall.

  149. Ian Olufson (verified owner)

    I’ve used the O2 Trainer for a couple months now, and I can already tell the difference it has made in how I breathe. My recovery time in general is bit by bit continuing to improve when I exercise, and out of habit I breathe through my stomach throughout the day, which I know is helping my body recover better than before.

  150. Francis (verified owner)

    It’s great well made product. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 star is it’s a little awkward when compared to other breathing trainers I’ve used. If they could find some day to secure this to your face so you didn’t have to hold it with your mouth that would be awesome. Again that’s my only issue. It’s a five star product if you don’t care about that. It seems to work well although I can’t back that up with any data. I feel like I can breath easier after heavy cardio activity. I’m kind of a mouth breather anyway so it’s nearly perfect for my breathing style.

    Over all great product and I would recommend it if you’re in the market it’s the best you’ll find.

  151. M. Cains

    Hello! Just want to say that this worked! I’m currently training for a mma fight in Okinawa, my stamina was descent but not the way I wanted it to be for this fight, last night I had some good spars with fellow teammates and right before I started to train I used my O2 trainer and did about 5 set of 20 reps using the #12 gauge,my stamina was 10 times better than it was the previous night, I didn’t feel fatigue, I wasn’t lounging over like I just sparred for 10 rounds. I’m very pleased and happy with my purchase. Arigato!

  152. Haydn Maslin (verified owner)

    The O2 trainer has helped me with my endurance for sparring both in boxing and BJJ.

    I’ve found it’s helped me to control my breathing, helped me with my running aswell and I also sleep better.

    I’ve used it while running, sparring, lifting weights… even just sitting and watching the tv.

    I did a medical for work recently and the nurse said my lungs were exceptional. I put that down to training with the O2 trainer.


  153. luke mitchell (verified owner)

    I love the O2 Trainer, i feel like it makes my workouts much more time valuable. The body reaches a exhasted state much quicker, which means i am faster to reach my wall and thus am able to feel like each work out is building my strength and fitness.

    I love the feeling of working the lungs and air ways, i feel like it targets my core in a very unique way, and have already felt improvements in my cardio vascular system.

    This is a stand out product in a very flooded market. Cant wait to see how much my fitness improves because of this product.

  154. lsj.mitchell (verified owner)

    I love the O2 trainer,

    It works my cardio vascular system in such a unique way, i feel the muscle working immediately. This allows me to hit my wall much sooner and workout in the exhausted, growth phase more often and for longer. I know that my fitness improvements will be dramatically improved thanks to the O2 trainer. Their are no wasted training sessions when you use the O2 trainer!!!

  155. alvininsg (verified owner)

    The O2 Trainer was shipped the following day after my order. Pretty efficient I would say considering I’ve been ordering stuff online for years.

    On the product itself, it’s amazing that something that seems counterintuitive actually is effective. I’m not a boxer or martial artist, I play competitive tennis. I observed improvement in my stamina which has been my Achilles heel. I recommend you try it. It’s reasonably priced and you won’t regret it.

  156. Timo Tolvanen (verified owner)

    My name is Timo, i am 33 years old guy, living in Czech Republic. I have suffered from asthma all my life and it has always restricted my life a lot, being sick often, not being able to train martial arts and other things as i would like to.

    I just wanted to write and thank you guys, the O2 trainer has really helped me, even in short period of time. I purchased the trainer about month ago and can already feel the difference, how my breathing is getting better and stronger.

    Keep doing the good work! I wish more people would know about this.

    Bas is the man!

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