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March 22, 2019

Ken Bak (verified buyer)

“I have used the O2 Trainer since it’s release and am quite impressed with it. I use it for Krav Maga and Law Enforcement training. It […]
March 22, 2019

Al (verified buyer)

“This thing is rough, working out with an o2 trainer, is not only good for your stamina, but it also helps your mental grit.”
April 5, 2019

Josef Harris (verified buyer)

“This has helped my fitness to no end 10/10 would recommend very sturdy and adaptable to all fitness levels.”
April 11, 2019

Frank B. Wyatt,Ed.D., Associate Professor Department of Athletic Training & Exercise Physiology

One thing I can state is that with the first run of statistics, the ventilation improved significantly. Your original claims of increased ventilatory muscles were correct. […]